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"You're About to Gain the Knowledge Required to Become a Professional Trader
With Live Mentoring on a Daily Basis"

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Pro Trader Program

Our real-time training program incorporates all material in the Foundation and Advanced Course. It is designed to give all members the knowledge required to analyze futures, forex and stocks using institutional supply and demand logic. Each day (Tue-Thur) you will learn how to analyze price action in the live markets where we will perform in depth analysis and you will have a trading analysis coach there to mentor and guide you step by step. Learn the "why" behind each setup, while remaining fun and interactive. You will have the freedom to ask as many questions as you like daily and have a team of support by your side even outside of class time. We will enforce forward looking, predetermined analysis techniques, institutional order flow, trend following, market structure and so much more each day! You will see our proprietary trading software as well as how we use it to analyze each market. Hard work and dedication is required!