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Supply and Demand Trading Course

This is your first step in building an extensive understanding of how to trade the financial markets. You will begin building a complete foundation in Supply and Demand trading logic while setting the pace for understanding the mindset of an institutional investor. From day one you will be provided with an online course including a plethora of material options for your optimal learning experience. Some of which include PDF documents, Step by Step Tutorials, Online Quiz's and the primary component will be in Video format. You will be able to follow along with clear and precise instructions and the best thing is there is no limit on retakes. You may pause, rewind and even jump forward if you have already covered a portion in depth. In the SDT Silver, you will build a firm foundation for your trading career and have the knowledge to begin placing trades based on logic NOT emotion.

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Advanced Core Strategy Building Course

The second step will build on the material which you have learned in the SDT Silver Course. At this point you will begin learning the more advanced methodology used every day by institutions and large money investors to capitalize and furthermore manipulate the novice or beginner traders in order to achieve positive expectancy. Some of which include how to locate and draw advanced order flow zones for upcoming market turning points, how to differentiate institutional historical order flow from newly placed orders, as well as the requirements to qualify each trade.  Through this online course enviornment you will learn definitive strategies with IF, THEN, ELSE scenarios. This means removing the subjectivity from your trading and designing an easy to follow rule based strategy.

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Real-Time Live Mentorship

The final step of your training will encapsulate all information learned in the SDT Silver & SDT Gold Course(s). At this point you have the knowledge to place trades and more importantly understand "How and Why" they're being placed. Given the nature of the markets ever changing you'll need to put your knowledge to work each day in the financial markets with someone there to guide you every step of the way. In the SDT Platinum, we'll analyze multiple markets in real-time and look for qualified, high probability trading opportunities. In other words, we take the knowledge set forth and put it into action each day Tue - Thur. You'll follow along as we complete the analysis and have the complete ability to ask questions in real-time. We'll never leave your questions unanswered. Also included in the SDT Platinum is unlimited access to years worth of class recordings, Elite Forum access, priority support & we even include our industry leading PFA Zoning MTF at no additional charge! With the material and unlimited mentoring you'll have everything needed to become a professional trader.

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#1 Chosen Institutional Automated Trading Software


Powerzones Indicator

PFA PowerZones

Real-Time Supply & Demand Zones empowered with graphical volume distribution at the touch of a button.

semi automated supply demand system

PFA semi SD Model

Supply & Demand System, Automated back-testing & optimizing combined with manual order placement.

semi automated supply demand system

PFA SD Model

Institutional Supply & Demand System with "Fully" automated functionality including order executions.

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Started for Traders by Traders, Pure Financial Academy is an Online Day Trading Academy and software development company helping individuals become knowledgeable traders through trusted and highly credible day trading programs, education, and training. Every aspect of our training is designed with you in mind. Your experience will be personable and tailored so we can meet your needs throughout the training. Our training program will teach you not only how to trade futures, forex and stocks, we will give you a complete understanding of how the financial markets function. We will take the most complex situations and break them down to a microscopic view making it extremely easy to understand and follow. Our goal is to help each trader reach a level of understanding they never thought possible while decreasing your learning curve exponentially. Your training will be extremely in depth and require hard work and dedication while remaining fun and exciting. With the knowledge put forth you will have the ability to go above and beyond the conventional limitations. We will help you become an Active Trader.



Helping Traders Reach New Levels of Prosperity. Pure Financial Academy is dedicated to providing the Best Trading Education, Trading Strategy and Day Trading Indicators Available Online. Using Zone Theory and Predictive Analysis we will teach you how to manage your trades for short term and long term investments. Our methods are based solely on pure price action to determine where the Supply and Demand will take place for any given market before it happens.



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